Glossary of Terms

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Use the glossary below to learn about smoking supplies and their associated terms. 

  1. american glass
  2. angle cut dome
  3. beaker
  4. can chamber
  5. puck chamber
  6. straight tube
  7. bent neck
  8. branded glass
  9. glow in the dark
  10. clear glass
  11. colored glass
  12. deep bowl
  13. dewar's joint
  14. dichroic glass
  15. diffused downstem
  16. direct inject
  17. dome splashguard
  18. donut splashguard
  19. fab egg
  20. glass opals
  21. slyme glass
  22. condenser coil
  23. heady glass
  24. hourglass chamber
  25. ice catcher
  26. balloon bag vaporizer
  27. direct draw vaporizer
  28. whip vaporizer
  29. analog vaporizer
  30. digital vaporizer
  31. 45° joint
  32. 90° joint
  33. female joint
  34. male joint
  35. 10mm joint
  36. 14mm joint
  37. 18mm joint
  38. maria rings
  39. micro
  40. mini
  41. flared mouthpiece
  42. removable mouthpiece
  43. nano
  44. pendant
  45. barrel perc
  46. circ perc
  47. cross perc
  48. crystal ball perc
  49. disc perc
  50. dome perc
  51. donut perc
  52. fixed downstem
  53. honeycomb perc
  54. inline perc
  55. inset perc
  56. j hook perc
  57. matrix perc
  58. ratchet perc
  59. removable downstem
  60. reti perc
  61. showerhead perc
  62. sprinkler perc
  63. stemline perc
  64. stereo matrix perc
  65. swiss perc
  66. tongue perc
  67. tree perc
  68. turbine perc
  69. ufo perc
  70. waffle perc
  71. polished joint
  72. purple slime glass
  73. reclaim catcher
  74. dry herb recycler
  75. concentrate recycler
  76. dual use recycler
  77. sandblasted glass
  78. scientific glass
  79. sidecar
  80. snorkel
  81. straight neck
  82. desktop vaporizer
  83. portable vaporizer
  84. vape pen
  85. adjustable temperature
  86. fixed temperature
  87. themed glass
  88. thick glass
  89. unmarked glass
  90. vapor stone
  91. wig wag

american glass

American glass is certified that it’s been hand blown in USA. It is renowned for being reliably strong and made with long lasting quality. You will find high-quality pipes, dab rigs, and glass bongs made with American glass here.

angle cut domeangle cut dome

Angle-cut dome is a specific dome type which features angular design instead of the usual circular dome. The dome shapes are made with a glass blowing technique which provides an angular top shape, thus making them appear distinct.


Beakers are glass pipes with beaker base chambers in a cylinder shape with a flat bottom. The beaker glass pipes usually have a wide main chamber in circular shape to accommodate large smoke amounts.

can chamber

The dab rig or water pipe has a chamber in the shape of a can. As we can infer from its name, its cylindrical chamber really resembles a can.

puck chamber

Puck chamber is a concentrate pipe having a chamber design similar to a honey puck. The flat chamber has a circular shape of puck rig providing an extraordinary aesthetic as well as ensuring that the dab rig will have a flat and sturdy base.

straight tube

The straight tube has a vertical and straight design starting from the base and ending at the mouthpiece. This style is preferred by a lot of people as it provides a seamless transition of the vapor/smoke starting from the joint to the mouthpiece.

bent neckbent neck

Water pipes with bent neck designs have functionality and aesthetic appearance. Its aesthetic design gives it a unique and beautiful look to your glass pipe. Bent neck with functional design acts as a splashguard holding the water within the pipe and out of the mouth. This even keeps the mouthpiece away from the heat source horizontally, thus ensuring a comfortable experience.

branded glass

This glass pipe features branded glass that can include logos or decals that verify it as an official product of this specific brand. It is not essential that all the glass varieties have these specific logos or emblems.

glow in the darkglow in the dark

As the name suggests, glow in the dark items glow in the dark. You can see attractive visual effects coming from the glow in the dark glass items when you turn the lights off.

clear glassclear glass

This piece has a clean and sleek clear glass allowing you to watch the water pipe function or concentrate rig. Clear glass lets you easily see the bubbles stack as the vapor/smoke percolates.

colored glasscolored glass

Colored glass has amazing colored glass effects that provide a unique appearance with aesthetic appeal. Colored glass is also a part of the various features that helps to make the piece stand out in glass collections.

deep bowldeep bowl

The water pipe has a deep bowl allowing a large amount of tobacco or dry herbs to be packed together.

dewar's jointdewares joint

Dewar’s joint is a small glass tube which helps in connecting the joints with the chamber. Its main purpose is to strengthen the joints, reinforce them and get additional support for the glass pipe.

dichroic glassdichroic glass

This glass piece has extraordinary dichroic glass. Basically, this glass type is colored glass with sparkles in it, which gets accentuated in some lighting conditions.

diffused downstemdiffused downstem

Diffused down stem is one of the simplest designs for a percolator. The straight glass tube has holes or slits at its base under water aiding the smoke in cooling down as it travels through the openings.

direct injectdirect inject

Direct inject design is used for doing exactly what the name suggests; it injects the vapors directly into the chamber from the joint.

dome splashguard

Dome splashguard is basically a glass piece in a dome shapeattached at the bottom of a straight neck preventing water from splashing into the mouth no matter how hard the pull.

donut splashguard

Donut splashguard is a glass piece in a circular shape having a hole in the center, which is mostly situated between the neck and chamber.The circle design has a hole in the middle to ensure that water stays in the chamber and suntil allows vapors to flow in upward direction through the neck.

fab egg

This piece is designed as per Faberge egg design. The chamber is a fab egg chamber with holes and a hollow center giving it a distinct appearance. The holes work in the same way as a swiss perc.

glass opals

The dab rig includes attractive glass opals made with glassblowing. Glass opals are basically raised circles on the pipe, which include a colored glass detailed design.

slyme glass

Slyme glass is a specific type of colored glass, which is highly sought after having a vibrant and unique appearance. Slyme glass is available in a wide variety consisting of purple and green as you can see here and various other colors.

condenser coil

When condenser coil is added within a bong, it becomes a removable chamber having a coil tube within it. It can be filled with glycerine that can be connected to the mouthpiece and neck. To use it, simply remove the chamber and freeze it to cool down the smoke once it is kept in the bong. When used within hand held pipes, user will freeze the whole pipe completely to get the desired results.

heady glass

Heady glass means that the water pipe or dab rig is a crucial addition to the collection of limited edition items. It has a unique and intricate design having a mix of exquisite form with ultimate functioning. These pieces are art pieces in a real sense.

hourglass chamber

The vapor rig or water pipe has a chamber shaped like an hourglass. The chamber provides an impressive hourglass shape that enhances its amazing aesthetic appeal.

ice catcher

Ice catcher is basically a pinched section on the water pipe’s neck letting users put ice cubes in the pipe. Smoke will pass through the ice and will be cooled to get a smooth effect.

balloon bag vaporizer

The Balloon Bag Vaporizer is a desktop vaporizer that delivers its vapors in plastic bags that users may inhale or detach. These vapors have fans inside that push the vapors in an upward direction until completely filled.

direct draw vaporizer

The Direct Draw Vaporizer is a specific variety of vaporizer that has a mouthpiece to allow direct vapor inhalation. This vaporizer will let the vapors flow directly from the device to the user.

whip vaporizer

The desktop vaporizer transfers the vapors directly through the tube known as the whip. Dry herbs are added into the glass wand which will then be connected with the heating elementin the vaporizers. Once the vaporization process is done, the user inhales into the whip. Most of the whip vaporizers are made for dry herbs, but some may even have attachments that can make them compatible with e-liquids and concentrates.

analog vaporizer

The vaporizer provides an analog interface to ensure that you experience auser-friendly vaping experience. Most of the analog vaporizers consist of either a button or dial to start and manage the vaporization process.

digital vaporizer

Digital vaporizer has a digital interface to enjoy easy reading of temperature, battery, and other settings. Digital vaporizers mostly have a screen for displaying any information.

45° joint

This glass pipe has joints attached diagonally. In this way, you will get a unique look which also serves to prevent fractures and reduce the heat stress.

90° joint

Concentrate or water pipe with 90° joint will provide a precise and clean appearance due to its 90° angle between the joint and chamber.

female joint

The glass pipe has a female joint. It will need a bowl or male dome nail to ensure its proper use.

male joint

This glass pipe features a male joint. It requires a female dome nail or bowl for proper use.

10mm joint

This dab rig or water pipe has a 10 mm joint. There is a requirement of nail or 10mm dome bowl to ensure its proper use.

14mm joint

This water pipe or dab rig includes a joint of size 14mm. To ensure its proper use, there would be a requirement of nail or 14mm dome bowl.

18mm joint

The concentrate or water pipe includes an 18mm joint. For ensuring that it is used properly, there would be a requirement of bowl or nail dome having a size of 18mm.

maria rings

Protruding circular glass rings present on the neck or around the lower mouth piece of the dab rig or mouth piece is known as Maria ring.


The concentrate rig or water pipe bubbler is of portablesize, giving it a discreet appearance and making it easy to carry.


The concentrate rig or water pipe bubbler is made of portable size providing it a discreet appearance and making it easy to carry.

flared mouthpiece

These types of glass tubes have flared mouthpieces and elevated glass that make it fit your mouth perfectly to get superior comfort and an airtight seal while smoking.

removable mouthpiece

Removable mouthpiece is the mouthpiece that will let you customize your rig with any other type of detachable mouthpiece which will allow easy cleaning.


The concentrate rig or water pipe bubbler has a portable size giving it a discreet look as well as making it easy to carry.


Pendants include a small circle through which you can insert a string or a chain. These small medallions can be worn around your neck.

barrel perc

These percolators have a barrel shape and a slit to ensure that smoke is filtered consistently.

circ perc

This percolator is in a circular shape having various rings and spacing between them. These slits/holes or spacing within the percolator help in achieving intense filtration.

cross perc

Cross percolator has a unique and intricate design with the center having various circle pieces splitting out from it. All these circles have slits in a cross shape leading to a large amount of smoke filtration and a smooth hit after each and every inhale.

crystal ball perc

A crystal ball percolator is a circular shaped percolator which has angled slits entwining together across it. The connecting slits and the shape of this percolator make it appear as if it is a crystal ball.

disc perc

Circular percolators resembling discs are known as disc percolators. They have holes or slits on their outside body to allow for diffusion and filtration.

dome perc

These percolators are named dome due to their structure and shape. The percs have holes and slits at the bottom. When the smoke goes around the dome, separating itself while going through slits and holes, diffusion in the percolator takes place.

donut perc

Circular percolators having a hole in the mid area are called donut percolators. The hole is provided to allow for additional smoke filtering and also for the stoppage of water splashing in the direction of the mouthpiece. Such percolators are named donuts because they look like one.

fixed downstem

A glass tube that channels the smoke from the bowl in the bottom direction of the bong is known as a downstem. This particular kind of downstem operates as a percolator by distilling the smoke through its holes or slits. It is also fixed towards the joint.

honeycomb perc

It is a kind of disc percolator that has more diffusion as it generally has a minimum of 30 petty holes to allow for the passage of smoke. They are perfect sized holes. Larger holes will not be able to filter the smoke accurately while smaller holes might make more of a drag.

inline perc

Straight tubes that include grids or slits leading in between a perpendicular chamber are called inline percolators.

inset perc

Inset percolators are indented percolators creating a pocket and are contained in a water pipe chamber. They comprise slits at the circumference for the diffusion and filtering of the smoke.

j hook perc

This percolator is called J-hook because it has an upside-down J shape. Generally, this percolator gets connected to a distinctive kind of percolator to get an extreme amalgamation of filters.

matrix perc

A matrix percolator is a cylindrical shaped chamber having horizontal and vertical grooves or slits encompassing its outer part.

ratchet perc

A ratchet percolator is a kind of disc percolator that consists of holes to line up the disc perimeter for the purpose of enhancing the smoke flow and the filtration.

removable downstem

A glass tube that channels the smoke from the bowl in the bottom direction of the bong is known as a downstem. Downstems that are removable offer various advantages as they filter the smoke through their holes or slits while allowing for a convenient process of cleaning.

reti perc

Reti percolators include two cylinders where the smaller cylinder is placed inside the large one. Diffusion takes place by the passage of smoke by the cylinder slits.

showerhead perc

Showerhead percolators include a very thin vertical structured tube widening into a round shaped chamber. There are holes or slits for enhanced diffusion and filtration. The name is kept because these types of percolators resemble a showerhead.

sprinkler perc

A circular percolator having a large number of tubes that branch out in various directions is known as a sprinkler percolator. Just like a tree percolator, the smoke in this percolator goes across the circular area and makes its way out with several diverse arms. Separation of the vapor leads to diffusion and filtration for the optimal pulls.

stemline perc

A stemline percolator is a kind of inline percolator branching directly off the joint.

stereo matrix perc

A stereo matrix percolator is a percolator that includes two small matrix percs stacked up on each other. It generally takes place in water pipes which are large and have two chambers wherein one of the matrix percolators is placed in every chamber.

swiss perc

This is a vertical system of diffusion where large discs include holes. Its name is derived as this percolator resembles Swiss cheese.

tongue perc

Such a percolator has the look of a tongue with a unique design having holes and slits to diligently filter and diffuse smoke and vapor.

tree perc

In the case of tree percolators, with more arms more diffusion takes places making a larger smoke separation. The tree arms generally contain side slits and are produced with an open or a closed bottom. Smaller bubbles are caused due to smaller slits resulting in extra filtration diffusion.

turbine perc

A diffusion system that consists of a solid disc having angled slits held in the chamber of water is called a turbine percolator. Angled slits generate an effect of spinning to diffuse as well as cool down the smoke while developing a distinctive visual impact.

ufo perc

The percolators that have a round shaped top and a circular base of glass are recognised as UFO percolators. There are a number of slits surrounding the glass circle circumference. The smoke gets passed by these slits creating some serious filtration and diffusion.

waffle perc

These percolators are highly similar to the disc percolators. The only difference is that they are comprised of holes and not slits. They look just like a waffle fry.

polished joint

A joint prepared from clear glass rather than a regular frosted glass present on many joints is called a polished joint. It presents a refined and sleek look to any of the water pipes

purple slime glass

This glass is a colored glass of particular kind, which is in very high demand. That is because of its vibrant and distinctive look

reclaim catcher

The reclaim catcher branches off the joint and includes a dish connecting to the joint’s bottom. When used in a dab rig, the oil organically trickles down by the joint which leads to a grubby residue. The catcher collects the additional concentrates for later reuse to assure that the joint does not get grubby and dirty.

dry herb recycler

Dry herb recycler is water pipe with multiple recycler chambers to make the water and smoke loop in the chambers before they leave the mouthpiece. Such a process leads to the passage of smoke from the percolator a number of times for hits that are optimally diffused and filtered. Such a recycler is made only for use with dry herbs.

concentrate recycler

Concentrate recycler is a water pipe with multiple recycler chambers to make the water and smoke loop in the chambers before they leave the mouthpiece. Such a process leads to the passage of smoke from the percolator a number of times for hits that are optimally diffused and filtered. Such a recycler is made only for use with concentrates.

dual use recycler

Dual use recycler is a water pipe with multiple recycler chambers to make the water and smoke loop in the chambers before they leave the mouthpiece. Such a process leads to the passage of smoke from the percolator a number of times for hits that are optimally diffused and filtered. Such a recycler is made only for use with both the concentrates as well as the dry herbs.

sandblasted glass

A sandblasted glass is a frosted glass having visual features which will make any piece of glass stand apart in your collection of glasses. It is usually placed on the neck or chamber and presents a design having themes.

scientific glass

Scientific glass means that the water pipe is prepared from a certain kind of a borosilicate glass. It includes a sheer clear glass which has a little accent of color; a shape resembling scientific equipment like a straight tube, glass chamber…etc.


Such a piece includes a design of a sidecar, depicting that it includes a neck branching off the chamber side leading to the mouthpiece. It makes sure that the water is out of the mouth and is inside the pipe, which eliminates the splashback.


Such an oil rig includes a design of a snorkel using a regular nail yet, has no dome. The glass piece is curved residing above the nail. When the concentrates vaporize and the vapor is inhaled, it is sucked in an upper direction in the glass tube above while flowing in the dab rig.

straight neck

Straight neck designs involve a neck branching vertically up into the mouthpiece from the chamber. They allow smoke or vapor to travel directly up to the mouthpiece.

desktop vaporizer

A desktop vaporizer is a vaporizer especially crafted for use at homes. The users inhale the vapor with the help of a bag collecting vapors or a tube.

portable vaporizer

As the name suggests, it is a vaporizer developed for carrying around different places. It is smaller and lighter than those of the desktop vaporizers.

vape pen

Also popularly called a vaporizer pen, these vaporizers are portable and slim and appear just like a cigarette. Most of them are only for the concentrates while some have a little compatibility with tobacco and dry herbs.

adjustable temperature

Such a vape has adjustable temperatures tailored to the vaping session of the user as per their certain preferences.

fixed temperature

These vaporizers have fixed temperatures appropriate for the intended material’s vaporization.

themed glass

This water pipe or vapor rig has a glass design of a theme. Carrying such a themed piece caters to the different interests of consumers.

thick glass

It includes a thick glass that raises its longevity and durability. Such pieces have less chance of breaking because of their solid construction of glass.

unmarked glass

It features glass that is unmarked. Some of the consumers have more preference towards an entirely clean look with no decals or logos. These pieces of glass offer a non-distracted functional glass pipe view with all of its features.

vapor stone

It is a concentrate pipe featuring a vapor stone. It allows for no loss of important vapor because the vapor stone makes sure that it goes right in the rig and is also not emitted in the atmosphere.

wig wag

This kind of concentrate pipe or water pipe presents a wig wag design that is highly detailed. The glass is very appealing with a wonderful swirl of a lot of colours adding an amazing and exquisite touch to any piece of glass.

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