You like your bongs. Everyone likes their bongs. But, you can’t take a bong everywhere you want to go. That’s about the only drawback to having one.

They’re great for having that awesome smoking experience at home. When people come over, you can grab the biggest bong you have that takes up half the room if you want. You can have a smoke through a system that looks like a scientific lab and you should be wearing a lab coat for all that matters.

But, try taking that with you to someone else’s house. Not going to be an easy deal for you. So, Bubblers solve that problem. They are the smoke of a bong in compact size that fits in the palm of your hand. You can literally shove them in your pocket and go.

If they are glass, the glass is thick enough to take being dropped a few times. We can’t guarantee that! It depends on how hard your friend wants to test that premise. But, a regular fall shouldn’t break your heart if it happens.

We have quartz bubblers that we call crystal because we like to be funny like that. But, we have bubblers of all kinds that you can imagine. Some have a cool design that could only have been thought of after a great smoke. Artists have a way of bringing us wicked and twisted designs that we like. So, we have affectionately called some of our bubblers by what inspired us.

The Twisted Bubbler and the Wicked Bubbler are definitely on the list. Just take a look around. There is quite a variety, you just might want to add a few of them to your collection. If that’s what you do, you can get your collection started here. Here’s to happy smoking!

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