When the whole world started going against smoking, it was up to Vaporizers to the save the day. Smoking had been accepted all over the world at one time. There wasn’t anywhere you couldn’t go.

There was a day when a person could enjoy a smoke in a restaurant right beside a healthy baby boy. No one batted an eye. That was life.

It was a really bad deal when a guy got on the elevator with a smoke. Same thing with an airplane. So, small places like that were the first to go. How ironic is it to go to the bathroom on an airplane and see an ashtray sitting there and a “No Smoking” sign above it? You have to think about that one for a second don’t you?

They didn’t take the ashtrays out, but they did outlaw smoking. Now, there are bars you can’t smoke in because it bothers the other patrons. It’s a bar! Whatever!

So, Vaporizers are the accepted way of smoking healthy. You can smoke anywhere you want to go and no one can say anything about it. So if you’re going to vape, you might as well choose the right stuff. We have it.

We have vaporizers that are perfect for you. From the Black Widow to the Route 66, you’ll find the one that’s perfect and they come with all the bells and whistles that you need in order to enjoy a good dry herb smoke.

They have USB chargers and A/C adaptors. It’s like getting a cellphone. Only this is better because you can’t smoke a cellphone.

Most of our vaporizers even have cleaning tools as well as dab tools and anything else you might need to get a good smoke on. You’ll love our vapes and here’s to years of healthy smoking.

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